Using surplus from his Inaugural Picnic Fund, Waterbury  Mayor Neil O’Leary donated $3200 to help 95-year-old Bernice Jackson install vinyl siding on her home at 73 Burton Street in the city’s Crownbrook neighborhood. O’Leary personally joined the Waterbury Blight Enforcement & Control and dozens of volunteers from Waterbury Pal and Crownbrook Neighborhood Association in working on the community project. ABC Supply provided vinyl at cost. Salerno Remodeling, Chilcoat Exterior Design and Waterbury Urban Investors LLC donated time, manpower and installation services. O’Leary said focusing on Burton Street is a good first step in his street-by-street approach to eliminate urban blight. Photographs by Saranda Belica

Mayor O’Leary stopped in to chat with Mrs. Jackson, who later came out to check the progress.