On Thursday, Sept. 6, at 10:30 am, the Mayor’s Office, WATR, and The Committee for a New Waterbury will announce an initiative to recognize Waterbury’s unsung heroes leading up to the Annual Spirit Fest and Mardi Gross on October 27, 2012.

   Throughout the months of September and October, people can log on to Facebook and nominate worthy individuals who benefit the welfare of their neighborhood or city.  WATR and the Spirit Fest committee will monitor the page to recognize the nominees and will enter them and their nominators in a drawing for prizes to be held at the Spirit Fest on East Main St.

   “This is the 9th annual Mardi Gross celebration and this year we wanted to add more,” said Edith Reynolds one of the founding members of the committee that puts on the annual trick or treat give-away each October.  “This year we are proud to announce that the Downtown Draw will take place on the same day and we are incorporating a community awareness portion that will encourage our citizens to share the ways that people have of making Waterbury great.”

   “Mayor O’Leary’s focus on making the city a safe and attractive place to live melds perfectly with our mission to provide a safe and happy Halloween,” Reynolds added.  “WATR has been a partner with us from the beginning and there is no better partner to have when it comes to getting information from listeners.”

   The program is called “That’s the Spirit” and people can nominate local unsung heroes who benefit their neighborhood and community using Facebook.  People on Facebook can “like” what they read and WATR will recognize some of the entries on air. The mayor’s office will issue a certificate of merit to those nominated. Each nominee and each nominator will be placed into a drawing for prizes that will be held at the Oct. 27 festival.

   The press conference will be held Thursday morning at 10:30 am at the Mayor’s Office on Grand St.  For more information, please contact Edith Reynolds at 203 591 1801  or 203 232 4384 .