Today, Congressman Chris Murphy announced that the Federal Aviation Administration will provide $1.5 million in federal grant funding to Middlebury residents affected by noise levels and flights at the Waterbury-Oxford Airport.  For years, residents of the Triangle Hills area of Middlebury have been adversely impacted by the growth in air traffic in and out of the airport. This grant will help fund the acquisition of homes in the neighborhood and the relocation of residents adversely impacted by the airport’s growth.

  “Though the FAA did not award the full $5 million requested, I’m glad to see that they continue to be committed to this project,” said Murphy. “For years, I have fought to secure funding for the residents of Triangle Hills – to ensure that those who want to relocate receive timely and fair compensation for their homes. This grant is a welcome continuation of the FAA’s promise to help affected homeowners in the neighborhood.”

   “I greatly appreciate Congressman Murphy’s efforts,” said Greg Ecsedy of Triangle Boulevard.  “He has been responsive to our situation and has really stepped up on our behalf.”

   Murphy has been pushing the FAA to expedite funding for this project since he came into office.
In a meeting with the FAA in February 2008, Murphy got them to commit to assistance as soon as the Connecticut Department of Transportation completed its noise study, which the state completed in October 2009;

    In the Fiscal Year 2009 federal appropriations process, Murphy was able to secure $1,187,500 for the project;

   In May 2009, Murphy fought for and got passed an amendment to an FAA bill to ensure that homeowners who wish to sell their home will get a fair price;

   In the Fiscal Year 2010 process, Murphy got an additional $500,000 in federal funds for the effort;

   And in December 2009, Murphy wrote to the head of the U.S. Department of Transportation to urge him to include funding in the upcoming budget for this very project. In March 2010, Murphy announced a $4.85 million grant for Middlebury residents impacted by the noise levels at the airport. In September 2011, Murphy hailed a $5 million dollar grant for residents impacted by the airport.