The Junior Achievement program started a new marketing company in partnership with the E-Program, Tables 4 Tots. By selling stocks, Tables 4 Tots is raising money to supply products for their child sized picnic tables. They have already sold a few tables, but have their eyes set on a goal of 25! Junior Achievement is currently working on advertising their company through flyers, brochures, and websites. Their main goal is to make a profit from their sales and pay dividends to their investors, working together to create a successful business!

The E-Program has produced one full sized picnic table and 12 child sized picnic tables for their partners in Junior Achievement. E-program has been working to expanded to the Boys and Girls Club of Waterbury and have two locations in our community. This means more productivity and better relationships with other non-profit organizations around our area. This summer, the E-Program has invested a lot of time in making great relationships!  Check out their website- and see what they are all about.

Geographic Information Systems
The GIS program, which is based on global navigation and geography, assists the participants in locating and mapping landmarks in the city of Waterbury. They are uploading and creating maps in order to learn more about our city. They have identified the major roads, parks, recreation centers and more. They are learning to use keys and legends. The use of the GIS to create maps and learning to use them will allow our youth to navigate anywhere without the use of technology, a skill we should all have!

WIA Project
This summer the WIA Program is working on an Intergenerational project with the residents at Beacon Communities located on Center St. They have done a lot of things with the residents since they started working with them, including a “meet and greet”, arts and crafts, and a game day. The youth have learned a lot from the residents as did the residents about the youth. One huge thing that has come out of this project, even in the small, was that despite the differences and stereotypes once believed about one another, the youth and residents were able to find things in common, learn about one another and have a good time while doing it.

Photo/Art Project
The photo art program has focused their journey this summer on promoting diversity in unity. They feel that it is important for society to accept everyone for who they are, regardless of their image or background. They are joining forces with the Woodworking program here at WYSS, making a collage that symbolically represents their theme. They have been taking inspirational pictures that show the power in our community, and represent the likeliness amongst all of humanity. During this program they have also learned basic job skills from proper speech etiquette to building professional resumes.

Woodworking Program
The Woodworking program has been hard at work this summer with their new line- Brass City Toys. They use a team approach to create various toys that are truly one of a kind. Trucks, cars, a wagon and a rocking horse! They will take requests and will give you unbelievable results. And, they did not stop there!  The Woodworking program also partnered with our Photo Journalism program up this summer to create a frame for their photography project, another example of summer youth collaboration.

Tech Media
Tech Media is working on a video that will raise awareness on bullying. The students have done tons of research on this project to better their understanding about bullying. As a group, they decided to reenact different bullying scenarios that teens and adults have to deal with. Along with each scene, they put various facts and possible solutions to each of the situations presented. The group as a whole has learned that bullying is very serious and it is not to be taken lightly. Students learned that bullying in the work place is not to be tolerated and that they can lose their jobs in the process. Students are learning we all must accept everyone as they are instead of judging someone on their appearance. This group has become a strong team, a group of friends rather than complete strangers!

Beat Music Project
The Music program has 10 youth participating in an experiential job readiness program. They are working hands-on with music production software to produce their own music; working in a collaborative setting with other youth, and learning the art of self-promotion to visually and verbally showcase their work. They have participated in job readiness workshops that explored job searches, interview skills, banking, budgeting, bullying in the workplace and marketing.