Talent and enthusiasm were on display in Library Park yesterday as more than a 1000 people poured into downtown Waterbury to participate in the Back To School Rally sponsored by the city. After the dignitaries spoke, and while Frankies was doling out free hot dogs, a spirited talent show took center stage with dancing and singing, and lots of smiles and laughter. Photographs by John Murray

Frankies Hot Dogs is a mainstay at most community gatherings, and a long line formed yesterday to sample their legendary dogs.

With moves that would send most to the chiropractor, a young man dazzled the crowd with his acrobatics.

After addressing the crowd at the Back To School Rally, Waterbury Mayor Neil O’Leary and School Superintenndent Dr. Kathleen Ouellette made their way up the marble staircase in City Hall to address a gathering of principals. Ouellette, holding a basketball, was a former shooting guard. The Observer is not clear why she had the basketball (we missed her talk), but she looked good carrying it around.