Photograph of Linda McMahon originally published in The Atlantic Wire.

(Editor’s note – the following is Linda McMahon’s statement in response to a debate challenge today issued today by her Democrat opponent for the U.S. Senate, Chris Murphy)

   In the complete absence of a plan to create jobs, Congressman Chris Murphy today flailed away again in a weak campaign stunt designed at distracting voters from his dismal record on economic issues. Murphy proposed a debate with Linda McMahon on jobs issues, despite saying that any plan he might have is a “work in progress” and repeatedly voting to raise taxes on the middle class. He has also voted twice this year against funding measures vital to Electric Boat, a major employer in Connecticut.

   Linda McMahon’s campaign manager Corry Bliss today issued the following statement:

   “Chris Murphy’s embarrassing challenge doesn’t go nearly far enough. We propose four statewide debates – two of which must be focused entirely on the issue of job creation in Connecticut. Further, we demand that one of those jobs debates be located in Groton, home of Electric Boat, and focus on the evidence of Murphy’s dereliction on economic issues in Connecticut.

   “Chris Murphy wants to throw a campaign stunt together in the depths of August, but we would rather debate the issues in full view of the voters of Connecticut when in the bright spotlight of the fall campaign. We have already agreed to two debates – one sponsored by the Hartford Courant and Fox Connecticut, and one sponsored by WFSB-TV. We will embrace two more.

   “During these debates, we look forward to talking about Chris Murphy’s thirteen years in elected office, during which time he’s only come up with ‘a work in progress.’ We look forward to talking about his votes to raise taxes on the middle class and all taxpayers in Connecticut. We look forward to talking about his votes against the funding of submarines at Electric Boat. We look forward to talking about his failure of attending hearings in Congress when the economy was spiraling. We look forward to all of that.

   “We likewise look forward to talking about Linda’s plan to cut taxes for the middle class, reduce burdens on businesses seeking to expand, and create jobs in Connecticut. We look forward to contrasting her experience in the private sector creating jobs, versus his life in stagnant government.

   “Chris Murphy ought to know by now that cheap campaign stunts like his do not equate leadership. He has no plan to create jobs, no excuses for his votes or his absences, and we look forward to seeing him four times, on jobs and in Groton, so he can once and for all explain himself to the people of Connecticut.”