(Editors note – Linda McMahon defeated former Congressman Chris Shays by a 2-1 margin last night in the GOP primary to decide who would face Democrat Chris Murphy in the November election for a rare open seat to the United States Senate. These are McMahon’s remarks in addrerssing her supporters)

Let me start by recognizing all the members of my family, and many dear friends here with me tonight. This wouldn’t have been possible without all of your hard work and support. I hope you know how much I appreciate each and every one of you. AND TO MY fellow Republicans, thank you very much for this WONDERFUL victory…

Of course tonight is just our first victory…. the bigger one comes on November 6th! And on that night, winning will be the start of a new direction in Washington.

I am honored and very grateful for your support.

Let me take a moment to salute Chris Shays.

He ran a hard-fought campaign, and I wish him nothing but the best.

The issue that will decide this election is who is best able to address the economic crisis that threatens our future and who best understands how to create jobs for the over 150,000 people in Connecticut who wake up every morning without a job.

Folks, there is so much at stake in this election, perhaps more than ever before.

Washington is out of control, and it is not too much to say America’s future is on the line.

And, I truly believe that my life and work experience has prepared me to take on the challenges we face.

I am running to be your Senator because:

I am passionate about preserving opportunity for everyone to participate in the American Dream as I have;

And, because I also see what people all across Connecticut are seeing.

We see those opportunities slipping away. 

We see a future that’s less hopeful.

We see an America that’s not working because our people are not working.

America not working is 1.5% growth, it’s 8.3% unemployment, and it’s food and gas prices rising again.

The result of America not working is over 150,000 people in Connecticut without jobs and with little help in sight.

This is not only unacceptable, it is unworthy of America.

So from now until Election Day, I will have a message for every citizen in Connecticut.

That message is — WE WILL DO BETTER. We can and will do much better.

We are not doomed to live in this perpetual stagnation.

We do not have to resign ourselves to failed leadership.

We have it within our power to restore America:

Restore stronger growth to our economy… jobs to our people… and a future where our children and grandchildren are not crushed by impossible debt.

The history of America is not about accepting mediocrity.

It’s about Americans uniting, overcoming, and astonishing the world.

Let’s not forget that the only footprints on the moon are American footprints.

Can anyone doubt we can achieve what we set our minds to?

I have set my mind to fight for policies that will create jobs – good jobs – right here in Connecticut. 

That is the heart and soul of our campaign — bringing a track record of experience and success in the real world to help others succeed.

So, how can we do it in 2012? 

My answer:  Well, we can start by giving all the career politicians who got us into this mess a pink slip. We can’t keep sending people like Chris Murphy, who made the mess in Washington, back to clean it up. He’s had his chance. And after six years, what do we have? More spending, more debt and higher unemployment.

America’s comeback will begin when we let America be America.

This election offers Connecticut voters a clear choice.

Do you want a professional politician who believes that Washington knows what is best for your small business? Do you want a career politician who has never worked in a small business, never met a payroll, and never created a job?

Do you want a career politician who supports tax increases on small business and the middle class?

A career politician whose record is so abysmal the National Taxpayers Union gave him an “F” on fiscal conservatism?

Do you want a professional politician who tells you that he is a uniter when he is in Connecticut, only to go off to Washington and vote with his party bosses 98 percent of the time?

Do you want a career politician who is bought and paid for by special interest groups and lobbyists?

Do you want a career politician who voted “yes” for the failed trillion-dollar stimulus? A career politician who voted for five trillion dollars in new debt?

A professional politician who voted for one bailout after another, and for the Affordable Care Act, which raised taxes on small businesses and actually INCREASED the already skyrocketing cost of health care?

OR, would you prefer to send someone to Washington who built a small business from scratch, persevered after bankruptcy, and worked her way back and ended up creating hundreds of jobs right here in Connecticut?

Do you want someone in Washington who has a comprehensive jobs plan that will put our nation back to work, including a tax cut for the middle class? 

Do you want someone who has sought the advice of small business owners all across Connecticut?

I know we can do better!

While Chris Murphy will raise taxes on the middle class, we will lower them.

Our middle-class tax cut will save a Connecticut family making $125,000 about $500 a month next year.

We will also cut tax rates for small businesses and end job-killing regulations so our job creators can compete globally, hire more people, and invest in their businesses.

We will put an end to government’s reckless spending. And we will empower a skilled workforce.

And, we will develop America’s vast energy resources.

This is a real plan, a comprehensive plan to ignite growth, jobs and prosperity.

Our opponent, who has spent 13 years in politics, when asked, what is your jobs plan, said, quote, “It’s still a work in progress.” 

Thirteen years and still no clue. That’s unacceptable and you expect, no you DESERVE, more out your elected officials. 

Chris Murphy actually voted to cut $700 billion out of Medicare.  He did that when he voted for the federal health care law.

And let me be clear – I will never support a budget that cuts Medicare funding for our seniors.

Now, my opponent will claim, again and again, that I support tax cuts for the rich.

Not true. I have said, that as long as the economy is weak, NO ONE’S taxes should be raised.

But when the economy improves, I am in full support of adjusting rates on wealthy individuals, AS LONG AS THE MONEY IS USED TO REDUCE THE DEFICIT AND DEBT AND NOT JUST FOR MORE SPENDING.

Chris Murphy will raise everyone’s taxes right now, in hard economic times. 

So on November 6th, Connecticut will have a choice that is clear…crystal clear.

Chris Murphy is a professional politician.  I am a small business jobs creator.

He does not understand how jobs are created and has never created a job. I do. I have. We will.

He puts his trust in government. I put my trust in you.

He is a follower. I will lead.

He believes people are under-taxed. I believe government over-spends.

Together, we will chart a new course, and WE WILL DO BETTER!

Congressman Murphy is burying the American Dream. We will save the American Dream!

So, please, speak to your friends and neighbors. 

Ask them to join us. Tell them we need every willing hand and heart.

All of us together can create a great grassroots movement for common-sense leadership.

We can win this battle.

We can restore America.

When we do, we can hand over a future to our children, and to our children’s children, that is every bit as optimistic, prosperous and free as the America we love.

Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart, have a good time tonight, but not too good because tomorrow morning bright and early the real work begins!

I look forward to celebrating with you all in November!

Thank you!