Usually Personal Injury Lawyers and Free Taxi Rides aren’t synonymous, but this year, Waterbury law firm Carter Mario Injury Lawyers has changed what can be expected of a “typical lawyer”.

With his firm’s “Get Carter!” slogan, and active community outreach program in and around the Brass City, Carter and his staff have always sought to make a difference for their clients and in the community since the firm was established in 1989. Doing the right thing has always been more than just what is fair; it’s the foundation the firm was built upon.

In the community, the law firm has given back over one hundred thousand dollars through their CarterCares community outreach initiative and other charitable endeavors in its six locations- Waterbury, New Britain, Hartford, Milford, Bridgeport, and most recently North Haven. The law firm has taken on the challenge of doing its part to educate the public and raise awareness on the dangers of Distracted and Drunk Driving through their annual “Arrive Alive” Scholarship and tours of high schools, speaking with teens and parents across Connecticut.

“Offering our scholarship to well deserving kids all over our state is well worth the investment. Our goal is to raise awareness among teens on the dangers of driving while distracted, texting behind the wheel, and underage drinking. If we save just one life, then all of our efforts are worthwhile,” says Attorney Mario.

As a service to the community in 2012, the firm also launched the GetCarter! Mobile App. The app is available free on the iPhone and Android platforms, and contains a suite of useful tools for the public, as well as the firm’s clients. A popular feature is the ‘Call a Taxi Cab’ button, which allows individuals to get a safe taxi ride home, with all expenses paid by the firm. This feature was designed to aid local law enforcement in combating drunk driving in Connecticut. This program was established by Carter Mario, who partnered with local taxi cab companies throughout the state’s metro areas— a first by any law firm in the state.

Through the mobile app, the law firm was also the first in the state to give clients up-to-the-minute access to their case files via their smart phones. At the touch of a button, and in their pockets, clients can see what their case status is, and their case information 24/7.

Carter Mario Injury Lawyers first came to Waterbury over ten years ago, opening up their first office on East Main Street. The firm’s success in the city led to a larger office on Wolcott Street in 2008. As the firm continues to grow in 2012, so has its staff, its practice areas, and its physical footprint in Connecticut. The firm’s expansion of their Complex Litigation and Medical Malpractice Unit and the addition of Attorneys Jerry McEnery, Robert Messey, MD/JD, and Gayle Sullivan, RN/JD transformed the firm’s service offerings and influence in the legal community in Connecticut. With the additions also came the distinction of being the only law firm anywhere in the state with both a Medical Doctor/Lawyer and Registered Nurse/Lawyer on their staff. 

“By adding the experience, reputation and pedigree of Jerry, Bob, and Gayle to Carter Mario Injury Lawyers, our firm has been able to serve injury victims at an even higher level,” says Mario. “Having a highly regarded trial lawyer like Jerry McEnery, a Doctor/Attorney like Bob Messey, and a Registered Nurse/Attorney like Gayle Sullivan within our now expanded Complex Litigation and Medical Malpractice Group is something we’re tremendously proud of, and is something that no other law firm in the state can make claim to.”

Leading the success of the Waterbury team is veteran attorney Andy Bottinick, who has been with Carter Mario Injury Lawyers for nineteen years. The staff that makes up the Waterbury office includes some of the firm’s most experienced case managers and supervisors. They’re proud to be part of the greater Waterbury community, and participate in many charitable events around town each year.

“The city has a wonderful culture and a hard-working mentality, but its people are what make it so great. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Waterbury. It’s been a key part of our success as a law firm, and as a partner in the works we do every day in the community.”

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