Diane Donato, holistic image consultant and owner of Clothes Encounters in Waterbury will host a workshop, “Reflections of the ‘Well-Suited’ Man”, on Wednesday, July 25 from 12:00 Noon to 1:30 p.m. at Sobon & Associates, 615 West Johnson Avenue, Suite 202, in Cheshire.
The workshop is designed for men who are interested in exploring the messages and meanings that their style of dress is communicating non-verbally. Donato calls this Semiotics– and her workshop will focus on the Yin and Yang of clothing and colors which ultimately expresses who a person is to the world.
“During the workshop,” stated Donato, “participants will learn about their own prejudices about clothing and colors that may be preventing them from connecting with a valuable business prospect and whether or not a person is projecting the truth of who they are in their essence with their selection of clothing and colors. This workshop will be fun, informative and highly interactive, and Donato hopes participants will come with an open heart and an open mind.”
Pre-registration is requested by contacting Diane Donato at 203-753-9901 or via email: clothesencounters@comcast.net. Workshop Fee is $25 per person payable in advance to: Clothes Encounters, P.O. Box 2513, Waterbury, CT 06723.