By John Murray

   Chris Donovan, the Speaker of the House in Connecticut, is committed to staying in the race for the 5th District Congressional seat despite a federal probe into his campaign’s finances. An FBI undercover investigation has resulted in the arrest of Donovan’s finance director, Robert Braddock Jr., who was charged with concealing $20,000 in campaign contributions that was directly linked to legislation before Donovan in the state legislature. In the wake of the arrest, Donovan fired his campaign manager, John Nassi, and met with the media last night and vowed to press forward with his campaign.

   Donovan was the prohibitive favorite to capture the Democratic nod in a three way primary against Dan Roberti and Elizabeth Estes. Time will tell if the improprieties in Donovan’s campaign derails his ambition of becoming the next U.S. Congressman from the 5th District.