Free Shuttle Service Offered To and From Patients’ Homes

Two accomplished dentists, residents of Stamford and Greenwich, Connecticut, recently opened Connecticut Family Dental in Waterbury ( at 171 Grandview Avenue. Traveling 120miles roundtrip from their Gold Coast homes, Dr. Ratna Vedullapalli and Dr.Tulasi Vikram opened the state-of-the-art dental practice that features the newest in digital technologies plus numerous conveniences and services for their patients, including free shuttle service to and from their patients’ homes.

“We travel these distances daily,” explained Dr. Vedullapalli and Dr. Vikram, “because our ambition is to provide our skills at very affordable fees to everyone. We both have a strong sense of wanting to serve a community in every way we can. Every day we welcome individuals and families of varying income levels because the basic premise of our practice is to treat everyone equally with the same high standard of care.”

Co-founded in July of 2011 next to Waterbury Hospital, Dr. Tulasi Vikram and Dr. RatnaVedullapalli and their five associates have welcomed hundreds of new patients to their one-stop practice.  “At affordable prices,” Dr. Vedullapalli continued, “we provide all levels of dentistry including cosmetic dentistry, custom dentures, bonding, crowns, white fillings, extractions, inlays and onlays, night guards, tooth whitening, and protective mouthguards.”

Connecticut FAMILY DENTAL’s state-of-the-art technologies feature Panorex PAN X-ray imaging machinery which circulates around the patient’s entire head taking images of teeth, head, sinuses and bones without any contact to the body. “We can capture an x-ray of all the teeth in less than one minute,” stated Dr. Vikram. “This is one of the least intrusive ex-ray technologies available today. We provide these x-rays regardless if an individual’s insurance covers the cost. PAN X-rays give us an overall view of the teeth, allowing us to focus on problem areas more effectively, thus reducing the time the patient is in the chair or waiting.”

Digital x-rays are only used by Connecticut FAMILY DENTAL “Because they provide80% less radiation on our patients than standard X-rays,” commented Dr.Vedullapalli. “The digital X-rays are fast and convenient for our doctors as well as our patients as the results are almost instant, and the process is less painful for our patients.” The state-of-the-art intraoral camera the practice uses daily allows the doctors to view a patient’s entire mouth on a monitor for closer examination of problem areas. The camera also allows the patient to see exactly what his or her dentist is seeing during the exam.  Another cutting-edge technology used in the practice is rotary endodontics for performing root canals faster and with more ease for the doctor and patient.

Free, door-to-door shuttle service is among the very distinctive services offered by the practice for the comfort of their patients. “To help our patients get the best care possible, we offer this complimentary shuttle service to ensure they get dental care without hesitation”, commented Dr. Vikram. Connecticut FAMILY DENTAL also offers same-day appointments, a spacious waiting room with flat-screen TV and a section especially designed for children, Saturday appointments, affordablepayment plans, and acceptance of the majority of dental insurance plans including those in partnership with Connecticut Dental Health (CTDHP). The staff speaks more than five languages including Spanish, Albanian, Lithuanian, French and Creole, and the practice’s answering service allows access their dentists 24 hours, 7 days every week.

“Minimize the number of visits, and maximize the time spent on procedures vs. waiting time” is among Connecticut FAMILY DENTAL’s pledges to their patients. “Our singular community-wide ambition”, articulated Dr. Vedullapelli, “is to serve our patients in every way we can. We have designed everything embody our mission to provide services that are affordable to everyone at very reasonable fees. We serve many low-income and underprivileged families and individuals.”

The Connecticut FAMILY DENTAL offices feature six comfortable procedure rooms with state-of-the-art digital equipment and flat screen TV’s. “We have ambitions to add additional operatory rooms in the future,” stated Dr. Vikram. “More rooms will allow our staff to escort more patients into the preparation phase of their individual treatments before any procedures are begun. Our ambition is to reduce the time our patients spend waiting.”  The practice is also investing in oral cancer screening equipment to make this part of each patient’s annual/semi-annual checkups. “Early detection of cancers can save lives and we want to offer this service as a standard procedure for the better health of our patients.”

Dr. Tulasi Vikram studied dentistry for five years in Bangalore, India, and went onto graduate from New York University (NYU) with her DDS degree after studying there for three years. Following her graduation, Dr. Vikram practiced for several years in various dental offices in Connecticut and chose to open her own practice in Waterbury in 2011. Dr. Ratna Vedullapalli studied dentistry for five years in India and earned her degree in dental surgery. She worked at a practice in rural India to offer dental service to the poor and needy for over one year. Marriage brought Dr. Vedullapalli to the U.S.A. where she completed her DDS degree and Advanced Program in Comprehensive and Aesthetic Dentistry from NYU.

The two doctors met while studying dentistry at New York University. They realized they both have a similar sense of purpose and passion for their vocation and a strong desire to give back to their communities. Additionally, they also desire to make dental care affordable and most importantly, to treat all patients with respect, compassion and empathy. 

To learn more about Connecticut FAMILY DENTAL, visit, email to, or call 203-574-2725. The practice is located at 171 Grandview Avenue, Suite 103 in Waterbury, Connecticut.