Led by a majority of the Waterbury delegation, Mr. Roberti won his slot on the ballot as Democrats cast their votes in the 5th District convention Monday night in the Rotella Interdistrict Magnet School.

“I am elated that I won the delegate support needed to take a spot on the ballot for the primary,” Mr. Roberti said. “I am confident I can win the primary and keep the seat Democratic come November.”

By qualifying Monday night, Mr. Roberti is guaranteed a line on the primary ballot. “The vote tonight indicates that a sizeable segment of the party believes the nomination should be decided by Democratic voters at the ballot box,” Mr. Roberti asserted.

“Dan Roberti is exactly what we need here in the 5th District,” said Rob Fields, a past president of the Waterbury Young Democrats, who nominated Mr. Roberti at the convention. “Dan is a fresh-face Democrat to get excited about. Dan Roberti is energetic. He listens. He’s devoted his life to service, and he has great ideas to create jobs.”

Mr. Roberti thanked all the delegates that supported him at the convention, pointing out that he garnered support from across the district. “I’m grateful for all the support I received from my backers,” he said.

“Given my campaign’s investments in infrastructure and continued success in fund-raising, I am not only best situated to win the primary, but also most prepared to take on the Republicans in November.”

Mr. Roberti also pointed out that he is the only candidate with a comprehensive plan for job creation. “The number one topic of concern in the 5th District is jobs and the economy,” he said. “My jobs plan lays out a blueprint for economic growth and the creation of jobs that would support the households of the district. No other candidate in the race has spent as much time and energy researching and formulating such a plan.”

Mr. Roberti’s jobs plan sets forth a national strategy for creation and expansion of businesses in high-growth fields. He also has a multi-prong plan for Connecticut that centers on rebuilding the manufacturing sector, investment in small businesses, targeted infrastructure improvements, fostering entrepreneurship, and making the state a leader in the clean energy economy.

“My campaign is fired up and ready to wage a vigorous primary campaign,” Mr. Roberti said. “It has been our belief all along that the voters would likely be the ones to nominate our party’s candidate for the 5th Congressional seat. The delegate vote tonight proves us right.”