State Representative Larry B. Butler (D-Waterbury) led unanimous passage of a bill on the House floor that would establish an urban revitalization pilot program offered through the Department of Economic Development (DECD).    Low interest loans will be made available to foster stabilization of neighborhoods in distressed areas.   Non-profit organizations in the revitalization area would be selected to administer the program.

“The program will allow funds to revitalize housing neighborhoods by neighborhood instead of the traditional house by house method used in the past,” said Rep. Butler.  “City blocks can see a significant difference through leveraging state funds, and I thank Governor Malloy for his renewed commitment to housing.”

Under the pilot program, at least one or more neighborhoods based on available appropriations up to $10 million between this pilot program and other programs will be made available for owner occupied residences.  As part of the pilot program, training and skills will be made available to first time home buyers on how to be an effective homeowner and/or landlord in the case of multiple unit dwellings.

“I worked with people with a housing and realtor background such as Bob De Cosmo and Sharon Hallock on the details of this bill for a couple of years. Recently, Board of Ed Commissioner Liz Brown has also helped to shape the vision” said Rep. Butler. 

The funding would also be used to improve the aesthetic appearance of the selected neighborhood through renovations, modernization, clean-up and maintenance.

The bill now heads to the State Senate for action.

Rep. Butler is in his 3rd term serving the 72nd House District in Waterbury