Popular restaurant owner, Joey D’Amelio, was severely injured in a car accident.

   In early winter Joey D’Amelio, co-owner of D’Amelio’s Italian Restaurant in the Town Plot section of Waterbury, smashed a restaurant van head first into a wall. Joey shattered his hip, broke his jaw and ended up at Yale/New Haven Hospital. With his mouth wired shut he aspirated into his lungs and developed a life threatening case of pneumonia. The hospital induced a semi-coma state and kept Joey on a respirator for nearly two months. During his recovery he has battled through blood clots and a severe case of gout, and run up a million dollars in medical bills. Thank God Joey had insurance, but he is still on the hook for more than $200,000 dollars. Joey D’Amelio has been a tremendous supporter of all things Waterbury for decades. Whenever someone was in need, Joey was one of the first to help out. Now Joey is in a pinch, let’s rally around and help him out. That’s what friends do, That’s what Waterbury does.

   A benefit dinner is being held Wednesday, May 16th, 6:00 p.m. at La Bella Vista at the Ponte Club, 380 Farmwood Road, Waterbury, CT. The donation is $30.00 for dinner, entertainment and a raffle. For tickets or more information please call Bobby G. at 203-233-4540, Joe Caiazzo at 203-509-4736, Mike Pieksza at 203-490-9841 or Joe Membrino at 203-509-0641