Democratic Congressional candidate Dan Roberti today stressed that the number one topic among 5th District voters is job creation. Mr. Roberti is going door-to-door in the 41 towns and cities in the district to hear citizens’ concerns.

“As I travel the district, people express uncertainty about the economy – particularly the fear that jobs that keep households running are in decline,” said Mr. Roberti. “I’m hearing a drumbeat about creating jobs – and bringing jobs back from overseas. This arises as I walk the district, and engage in debates like the one Tuesday night in Torrington,” sponsored by several Northwest Connecticut Democratic town committees.

“That’s why I’ve developed a multi-prong plan for job creation today – in these difficult economic times – as well as in the future.”

Mr. Roberti’s campaign for Congress is focusing on creating jobs in America, and right here in Connecticut. He pointed to several components of his jobs plan that would move the economy forward, among them:
• Rebuilding Connecticut manufacturing by strengthening ‘Buy American Laws’
• Creating private sector jobs by investing in small businesses
• Building our future with smart investments in infrastructure
• Making Connecticut a world leader in the clean energy economy
• Empowering the next generation of Connecticut entrepreneurs

Mr. Roberti has released an eight-page “Blueprint for Connecticut Jobs,” which is available on his website, It contains proposals specific to the creation of jobs in Connecticut. Also on the website is Part I of Mr. Roberti’s four-part jobs plan. “Creating an Innovation Economy” presents his strategy for promoting the creation and expansion of businesses in high-growth fields.

“My jobs plan delves into the issues in a substantive way,” Mr. Roberti said. The full plan is being released in stages throughout the campaign, with Part II to be unveiled in the near future. “With these ideas, we can begin to put people back to work, restore prosperity, and move toward the innovative economy of tomorrow.”