Jazz music is uniquely American. It represents the freedoms we all aspire to and struggles we endure. Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington is considered to be the greatest truly American composer of the twentieth century

The public is invited to a concert of Duke Ellington’s music by local musician Thomas Cruciani at the Silas Bronson Library in downtown Waterbury on Saturday April 14th at 2pm. Tom will focus on Ellington’s career highlights and the enormous contributions Ellington made to the evolution of the jazz genre.

Tom Cruciani has taught instrumental music in the Redding, Connecticut public school system since 1980. While he has conducted band and orchestra concerts for performers of all ages, he currently arranges, conducts, and plays piano for middle and high school theater productions with Redding resident, actress and director Diana Canova. Tom has been the house pianist and vocal stylist at Diorio Restaurant and Bar in Waterbury on weekends since 2010. He is also a pianist who has performed at church ceremonies, corporate functions and private parties as a soloist and accompanist for singers. Tom is
currently the music director of Lewis Dube’s “An Evening With Abraham Lincoln”.

Tom has recently appeared on CPTV, WSKY Channel 13 and has been featured in in The New Haven Register, The Republican-American, The Waterbury Observer, Citizens News and Patch.

Tom Cruciani