State Representative Larry B. Butler (D-Waterbury) is pleased to announce that a bill designed to protect homeowners from unfair eminent domain practices is heading to the House floor. HB 5454 was passed by the Planning and Development Committee on Friday. The bill would require homeowners to be paid the assessed value of the property if their home needs to be taken.

“In this market, it has devastating effects on families,” said Rep. Butler. “It’s unfortunate enough these people could be displaced, but then not to compensate them fairly is a slap in the face.”

The issue in Waterbury is on Birch Street, which is slated to lose homes by eminent domain to make way for a new career academy school. Those who would lose their homes are being offered thousands of dollars less than the amount on which they pay taxes. The bill would force all cities to reimburse homeowners based on the actual assessed value on which their property tax is calculated.

“I’m especially thankful to the members of the Waterbury Board of Aldermen, the Board of Education and Mayor Neil O’Leary for signing a letter of support for the bill which was presented at the P&D Committee public hearing,” said Rep. Butler.

Rep. Butler is in his 3rd term serving the 72nd House District in Waterbury