Victor Cuevas, the director of the River-Baldwin Recreation Center, was the highest vote getter in yesterday’s Democrat Town Committee primary. The results are a good signal for Cuevas as he attempts to become the next state representative from the 75th District. Photo by John Murray

                                               By John Murray

   Six months ago Victor Cuevas wasn’t on anyone’s political radar screen in Waterbury. Times have changed. Yesterday, Cuevas and his grass roots coalition, Latinos Unidos, upended the power structure in the 75th District, and now control 18 seats on the Democrat Town Committee. 

   What’s that mean?

   It means Victor Cuevas will get the backing of the Democrat Town Committee in his quest to unseat four-term incumbent State Representative David Aldarondo. It also means that Cuevas will win the first two rounds of a four round fight to represent the 75th District in Hartford. Round one was yesterday, Round two is the party nomination (which is his). Round three will be the toughest and most unpredictabale – a head to head primary match with Aldarondo in August.

   The winner of the primary is almost guaranteed victory in the general election as the Democrats dominate the district. But wait, if Cuevas wins the primary, some political pundits are already speculating that Aldarondo will run again in November as a Republican, or perhaps skip the primary and square off in the general election as a Republican. The Shakesperian political plot in the South End of Waterbury continues to stir.

   There are more battles to come, but Victor Cuevas and Latinos Unidos clearly won the first round.