Photographs By John Murray

A member of the Connecticut State Police bomb squad gingerly inspects a suspicious package on Bank Street in downtown Waterbury Friday morning. The package had been stuffed into the mouth of a Post Office box at the corner of Bank Street and Grand Street, and drew attention because it was oddly positioned half in and half out of the box. The bomb squad, in conjunction with the Waterbury PD, shut down Bank Street for two hours, and Grand Street for an hour, while the package was x-rayed and inspected. It turned out to be a cell phone.

In a scene straight out of the war movie, The Hurt Locker, a member of the State Police Bomb Squad inspected the suspicious package on a closed off section of Bank Street.

Attorney Steve Griffin was one of dozens of workers trapped in their offices while the State Police handled the situation below.

The Bomb Squad utilized specialized equipment to inspect the package before anyone ever touched it.

The package was removed from the mailbox after it had been x-rayed.

After it was discovered to be a cell phone, the police relaxed, the streets re-opened, and office workers bustled off to lunch.