Community United members will be attending the next Waterbury Board of Aldermen
meeting at 6:30pm on Tuesday, February 21st.  They will be addressing their
concerns about the proposed takeover of Waterbury and St. Mary’s Hospitals by the
Legacy Health Partners (LHP) corporation.

“We have been asking LHP to meet with us since December but they have refused,”
says Community United co­chair Steven Schrag. “We wrote to them and talked
personally to CEO Daniel Moen but he would not set a meeting date with us. We were
promised by Dr. Jerome Sugar that he would try to set up a meeting, but Dr. Sugar
couldn’t, or  wouldn’t, do it either.” Both Moen and Sugar have said that LHP would
meet with community people “at the appropriate time.”

“We refuse to be an afterthought in this process,” says Schrag. “So we are bringing
our questions to the Board of Aldermen to see if they can help.” The residents and
hospital workers plan to speak at the public portion of the Board’s agenda.
Concerns include an erosion of hospital care now provided to 280,000 people in

Waterbury and surrounding towns, as well as the massive job loss expected when a
single, smaller facility replaces the two existing hospitals.