David Deakin, Bethlehem Selectman, endorsed Dan Roberti, Democratic Congressional candidate for Connecticut’s 5th District. A long-time member of the Board of Finance, Deakin currently serves on the board of selectmen.

“I am endorsing Dan today because he is not a career politician, and I believe that makes him the only candidate who can effectively represent the 5th District. Our district is a diverse one and we need a representative who can relate to and understand the needs of both the smaller towns as well as the cities.”

Deakin also highlighted Dan’s innovative ideas and ability to connect with people.

“Dan will be a great representative because he approaches the problems that face our district and our country with a fresh eye, something that is absent in Congress and the reason Washington is at a stand still. I also appreciate,” Deakin continued, “that even though Dan has a strong handle on how to approach these serious issues, he is not opposed to feedback on his ideas, and actually welcomes them.”