Operation Fuel’s Project/BEST is a one-year pilot program that provides one-time grants (as electric bill credits) and energy conservation/cost-saving training to small businesses. Approximately 195 grants of $1,000 each will be provided to businesses located in Waterbury.

Project/BEST primarily targets women and minority owned businesses in distressed communities. The following conditions also apply:
• Franchises, home-based businesses and non-profits are not eligible.
• Each business owner can only apply for one Project/BEST grant, even if he or she owns more than one business.
• Businesses must have their own electric account to be eligible for the program. Awards cannot be granted to businesses that pay utilities as part of their rent.
• Applicants must provide a copy of their most recent electric bill with their application.
• The Project/BEST electricity account credit does not affect a business’ status with its utility company – unless and until the $1,000 is actually credited by their utility company.
• Participating businesses are required to attend a Project/BEST workshop before they can receive their electric bill credit.
• Operation Fuel will notify applicants about their application status and workshops.

Applications will be accepted from February 1 through March 16, 2012 or until allotted funds are exhausted. Please be aware that businesses can only receive applications from one Project/BEST partner. If you have already received an application, the Chamber cannot provide one due to the limited number of applications available.

To receive an application for this program, please call John DiCarlo at (203) 757-0701 or email jdicarlo@waterburychamber.com