Clothes Encounters’ Owner and Image Consultant, Diane Donato, will be offering the maiden voyage of her first ever unique Workshop/Playshop on “Reflections of Your True Image”, just in time for gathering together and reviewing your Spring/Summer Wardrobes and renewing your spirit.  Hold the date:  March 21, 2012, 5:30-7:30PM.

   In this Playshop you will explore how you project yourself to the world and begin the journey down the rabbit hole to the discovery of who you are in your true divine essence.  Remember the first question the caterpillar asked Alice in “Alice in Wonderland”, both the 2010 movie and in the books was “Who are You?”  Begin the discovery and start weaving the tapestry of your true image and learn how you can best express that truth of your divinity in the clothing and colors that you wear. 

   Learn what your favorite outfit expresses to others and discover your hidden prejudices surrounding clothing and colors and how to go about healing them. By learning how others perceive you by way of your clothing you will begin to see the “image” you are projecting out into the world.  Explore whether or not this expressed image is the truth of “who you are”. 

   In this Playshop you will have the opportunity to reconnect with your spirit to access and dovetail your experience with the universal meanings and messages of clothing and colors.  Tap into your inner spirit (divinity)  to learn how to express your true essence non verbally while at the same time, combining that essence in a way that interacts with the world to help foster and invite healthy relationships in work and at play with the ultimate effect helping to foster more peace and harmony in our world.

   The Playshop will be videotaped for distribution with a book that Diane and Clothes Encounters will be marketing at a later date. Because it will be videotaped, you will be required to sign a release form one month in advance of the Workshop/Playshop. This book and video are designed to help heal the planet and you can take part in this healing by participating in this Workshop/Playshop and be willing to be videotaped.  Each one of us has a role that we can play in helping to heal the planet and this is one way you can contribute to healing the planet.  As you spiritually heal yourself you contribute to healing the planet. When you are in harmony with your true essence you are in harmony with the world.  Dressing is a small, yet important piece of the puzzle.

   Clothes Encounters is my vehicle for helping to heal the planet and I happen to believe that the healing needs to take place on the spiritual plane before it can have an impact on the emotional and physical planes.  By accessing your inner essence you can outwardly express that true essence in the clothing you are wearing.  Clothes Encounters’ Philosophy is a philosophy of global harmony and is based on the following:

   World peace is a worthy and viable goal which I know each of us has in the back or front of our mind.  And it all starts with each one of us… You do make a difference! When we feel good about ourselves, we in turn treat others better.  When others are treated better, they in turn treat others better.  It’s a chain reaction: 

   Looking good generates compliments, compliments raise self esteem; self esteem creates confidence; confidence increases healthy communication; healthy communication creates harmony; harmony brings World Peace.

   There are a few requirements for your participation.   In order to attend the workshop you will need to pre register and pay the $38.00 Workshop/Playshop Fee at least a month in advance;  sign a release form giving permission to be videotaped and holding harmless Clothes Encounters, Diane Donato, etc. from any legal action or damages that occur to you as a result of participating in it. You will receive $1.00 for participating in the Video.  While the Workshop/Playshop is open to both men and women, men should be aware that it focuses on reconnecting with the divine feminine in all of us that has been disregarded almost totally in the West and there will be much more discussion focusing on women’s clothing due to their being a wider variety of options for women than for men.   It will be held on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the CoCo Key Hotel and Convention Center in Waterbury, Connecticut. 

   Advance Registration and Payment of $38.00 is required as well as the signing of a release form at least one month prior to the workshop in order to reserve a seat.  There will be no walk-ins admitted. A variety of light food and beverages will be served that are included in the cost.  

   Mail Cashier’s Check or Money Order in the amount of $38.00 payable to Clothes Encounters to Clothes Encounters, P.O. Box 2513, Waterbury, CT 06723.  Deadline for Registration is required by February 20, 2012.  Call Diane @ 203-753-9901 or email her at  to obtain the Release Form which must be signed and returned to her no later than February 20, 2012.  Space is limited to the first 20 people who register with payment

   Come and experience while East meets West and spirit meets form as it relates to clothing and colors.  This workshop will be highly interactive and we suggest that you wear your favorite outfit and be prepared to have fun….