Waterbury’s 46th mayor, Neil O’Leary, was a happy man Friday night at his ceremonial swearing-in on the stage of the Palace Theater. O’Leary took the official oath of office at 12:01 on December 1st, This one was for a celebration. Photo by John Murray

A small army of Waterbury cops and firemen parade into the Immaculate Conception Church on West Main Street for a special mass before Neil O’Leary was sworn in as the city’s 46th mayor. Photo by John Murray

After celebrating a mass at the Immaculate Conception Church on West Main Street, O;Leary and with wife Kathy were escorted the quarter mile to the Palace Theater by Fire Chief Dave Martin, right, and Police Chief Michael Guggliotti, left. Photo by John Murray

Entering the Palace Theater Mayor O’Leary and his wife were greeted by the Ambassadors tipping top hats in salute. Photo by John Murray

The O’Learys were beaming as they entered the Palace Theater. Photo by Michael Asaro

Governor Dannel Malloy was in high spirits last night. He gave an excellent speech about the importance of mid-sized cities and vowed to partner with Waterbury to help move the city forward. Photo by John Murray

Former Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court, William “Taco” Sullivan, administered the oath of office to O’Leary for the second time in two days, Photo by John Murray

The image of Neil O’Leary’s two deceased parents loomed over his shoulders as he gave his inaugural speech. Photograph by Sondra Harman

An emotional O’Leary choked up during his speech when he evoked memories of his parents, and when more than a 1000 people gave him a rousing ovation. Photo by Michael Asaro

Edna O’Leary was ecstatic as her nephew was sworn in as mayor of Waterbury. Edna has been extremely political for most of her life and used to volunteer in the campaigns of former seven-term Waterbury mayor, Mike Bergin. Photo by Mike Asar0

Maggie O’Leary and her 5th grade classmates at Blessed Sacrament School had the honor of leading the gathering in the Pledge of Allegiance. Photo by Chelsea Murray 

Patrick O’Leary readies to Pledge Allegiance with his kid sister. Photo by Chelsea Murray

Businessman Fred Luedke was elected minority leader of the Board of Alderman last night. After ten years in the political wilderness, the Republicans have regained traction and now have 7 members on the Board of Aldermen, their most since the 1999 election. Photo by Chelsea Murray

City Clerk Michael Dalton was sworn in for his 5th term in office and directed both the Board of Aldermen and Board of Education meetings. Photo by John Murray

Republican Joanne D’Amelio was sworn in last night for her first term on the Board of Education. Photo by John Murray

While the lion’s share of last night’s spotlight shone on Neil O’Leary, Republican Charles Stango was elected president of the Board of Education. Photo by John Murray

The PAL Choir performed near the end of the 90 minute ceremony. Photo by John Murray

The reception after the inauguration was elegant, and the surroundings were spectacular.

Photo by Michael Asaro

A tremendous night for Neil O’Leary, his two children, Patrick and Maggie, and his wife, Kathy. Photograph by Chelsea Murray