Sharp divisions from a bruising mayoral election were on display on the first day, at the first press conference of Mayor O’Leary’s term. O’Leary clashed with State Rep. David Aldarando, left, about the best way to get out the vote in the largely Hispanic South End of the city. O’Leary refused to pay $50,000 to finance the effort and stated Aldarondo was “shaking him down”.

   In retaliation Aldarondo orchestrated the  exodus of the only Hispanic on the Democrat ticket, which resulted in O’Leary having 8 Democrat aldermen elected, instead of 9. The two men dislike one another and in the picture above Aldarondo is reacting to an O’Leary comment during the press conference. In the photograph below O’Leary looks on with disdain as Aldarondo finished reading his prepared remaks. O’Leary has vowed to put up a Democrat challenger against Aldarondo in 2012. Photographs By John Murray