State Senator Joe Markley (R-16), a vocal opponent of efforts to build the New Britain – Hartford Busway, today released the following statement on the transfer of federal funding for the project:

  “Busway advocates have been determined all along to make the people of Connecticut think that this project is inevitable.  They don’t want public examination of the proposal because they know it just doesn’t make sense.  The taxpayers can see that we don’t need it and—at a thousand dollars an inch–we can’t afford it.

   “Today’s charade is their latest attempt to convince We the People that resistance is futile.  In fact, nothing can happen until the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection considers the impact of the busway on wetlands, and the hearing officer has not yet begun her deliberations on that question.

   “Nothing will stop us from fighting this outrageous busway boondoggle, which is a massive waste of taxpayer money and a monumental example of government arrogance.  Every dollar spent on it, state or federal, will be a dollar wasted—that’s what we aim to prevent.”