Fifteen hours after getting elected mayor, Neil O’Leary went down to WATR radio on Broadcast Lane for an election retrospective, and a peek into the future. WATR host Larry Rifkin posed blunt questions about O’Leary’s plans to deal with John Rowland (to be discussed face to face with Rowland), and which high profile city employees would he retain in his administration (there is tremendous talent in place). When the hour interview concluded, O’Leary came outside to discover the Waterbury Observer waiting to wrap up its election day documentary project. A short interview later, Observer publisher John Murray discovered his battery was dead, and he needed a jump. Murray’s car battery had died while he was sitting in the WATR parking lot listening to Rifkin’s interview with O’Leary. Chelsea Murray used her left hand to hold the hood from clunking O’Leary on the head, and her right hand to photograph Waterbury’s next mayor connecting jumper cables to her father’s 300,000 mile Ford Explorer. The revitalization has begun…..