Ten-year-old Maggie O’Leary was hoisted into the air and kissed by her father, Neil O’Leary, after he captured the mayor’s seat in Waterbury last night. The Observer spent the day shadowing O’Leary, and a chunk of his day revolved around talking to Maggie’s class at Blessed Sacrament School, taking Maggie to Kennedy High School where she bubbled in his name for mayor, and scrambling to pick her up at the end of the school day. The image above was made as O’Leary made his way through a raucous crowd of supporters towards a stage. Half way through the crowd O’Leary spotted his daughter, picked her up in front of hundreds of supporters and journalists, and gave her a kiss that neither one will ever forget. The Observer will publish an in-depth feature article about the day with dozens of other images from the 2011 municipal campaign in the November issue of the newspaper next week. Photograph by John Murray