Photographs By John Murray

Fifteen of the 26 candidates for the Board of Aldermen showed up at Walsh School in the North End of Waterbury, Saturday afternoon, for a hastily rescheduled debate about issues facing the city. From left to right are Independent Party candidates Luis Quince Jr., Robert Petro III, Cicero Booker Jr., Lisa Lessard, Michael Simpson, Vincent Martinelli and Republicans Jerry Padula and Steve Giacomi. 

Democrat aldermen Tony Piccochi, left, Greg Hadley, middle, and Anne Phelan, right.

Republican candidates for aldermen Betty Jane Wesson, right, George Noujaim, left, and Fred Luedke, middle.

Republican Lysa Margiotti

Pastor Pamela Hughes asked the candidates the questions, and at one point asked the small gatering top clap for the candidates because “they were so nice, much nicer than the mayoral candidates.” The room broke up laughing.

GOP candidates Steve Giacomi, right, and Jerry Padula, left.

Democrats Tony Piccochi, Greg Hadley, Anne Phelan, Ron Napoli Jr. and Paul Pernerewski.

Republicans George Noujaim, Fred Luedke and Mary Jane Wesson.

Independent Party candidate Cicero Booker Jr. answers a question.