Joe Geary, pictured above, shared the latest update with WATR radio 90 minutes ago.

                            Story and Photographs By John Murray

   The director of operations in Waterbury, Joe Geary, told WATR radio that the most up-t0-date information he had about the massive power outage was that the city still had 15,722 homes without power, or 32% of the city. Geary said he had spoken to CL&P at 10 am on Wednesday and the projection was that 99% of Waterbury would have its power restored by midnight on Monday, November 7th. Projections for the Overlook neighborhood were to get power restored by 5 pm on Monday, November 7th.

   Geary said all downed lines should be considered live and residents are to steer clear of any contact. CL& P is changing its operation from clearing trees to restoration and is receiving help from the National Guard.

   Five and half schools are still without power, but Geary said the biggest challenge to re-opening schools is that the two bus companies that transport the city’s 18,000 students are both without power. City officials are going to wait to decide about school later today and Geary advised they were treating the situation like a predicted winter storm in February, meaning they may make the call about school early Thursday morning.