The Law Offices of Carter Mario Injury Lawyers is pleased to announce that the Connecticut firm will become the presenting sponsor of “Report It” on WTNH News 8, the news stations’ user-generated news reporting feature. This landmark sponsorship is the first of its kind at any news affiliate in the market, and makes Connecticut TV history as it launches October 31st.

   Report It, which has become one of the most useful tools in bringing hard-hitting, local news to viewers across the Connecticut, was launched by WTNH News 8 in 2010. The Report It feature allows News 8’s viewers to submit photos, videos, and news tips as they happen directly to the News 8 Newsroom from their web browser at, or mobile phone via the News 8 App available on both the iPhone and Android markets.

   “Much like the support and voice Carter Mario Injury Lawyers gives to accident victims everyday across the state; News 8’s Report It, is just another way our firm, together with WTNH, can help bring useful, interesting, viable information from the people of Connecticut- to the people of Connecticut,” said Carter Mario, President & CEO, Carter Mario Injury Lawyers.

   Carter Mario Injury Lawyers and the firm’s widely recognizable “GetCarter!” brand will be increasingly visible on-air throughout News 8’s news programming on a regular basis, as well as online at; becoming a key part of the quality news product that WTNH News 8 is known for in the Hartford & New Haven TV Market today.

   “As we continue to rely on our viewers more and more for up-to-the minute news content from all corners of the state during our newscasts and on with Report It, this partnership takes our user-generated news reporting tool to the next level. We are proud to work together with Carter Mario to continue bringing Report It to our viewers each and every day,” said Mark Higgins, Vice President and General Manager, WTNH News 8.

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