Photographs By John Murray

Efforts by Post University to install 75-foot tall lights on its renovated sports complex triggered a proposed zoning change and an outpouring of opposition by residents of the Country Club neighborhood in Waterbury. Last night at a Zoning Commission meeting in City Hall Andrew Dyjak of Musco Sports Lighting made a presentation to the commission and stated that city zoning laws that cap the height of lighting now at 35 feet is inadequate to illuminate the sports complex and would create unsafe conditions for athletes. The Country Club neighbors are opposing the zoning change, and Post University’s plan citing it would destroy the character of the neighborhood and create unwanted light pollution. The Zoning Commission did not render a decision last night.

Waterbury zoning commissioner John Eagan, left, listens intently to the presentation from Musco Sports Lighting last night in City hall. Aldermen Ernest Bunelli is seated next to him.

If the Zoning Commission votes to allow 75-foot lights to be built in residential neighborhoods in Waterbury the change would also allow 140-foot lights in industrial and commercial districts. The commission decided it didn’t have enough information to proceed with a vote and will continue the hearing on November 17th.