Aldermanic Candidate Gregory A. Hadley, Sr. has formally requested that the Connecticut Department of Labor launch an investigation into the unemployment claim of Joseph Davino and the information provided by Waterbury Mayor Michael Jarjura regarding that claim.

   As reported in the Republican-American on October 19, 2011, Mayor Jarjura provided the Department of Labor with information that helped Davino’s unemployment claim. “This is unacceptable to the taxpayers of Waterbury,” stated Hadley. “Jarjura decided to use his authority as Mayor to help a friend. This is cronyism as its worst. Davino was charged with defrauding the City of Waterbury and committing second degree larceny. He quit his job with the city shortly before his arrest. I can’t understand how he could have qualified for unemployment benefits, unless Mayor Jarjura provided fraudulent information on his behalf.”

Greg Hadley

   Hadley continued, “I have written to the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Labor to request an investigation into Davino’s unemployment claim. I am deeply concerned that Mayor Jarjura may have provided false information to the Department of Labor in order to help his friend. I sincerely hope this issue is addressed promptly.”

(Editor’s note – the Jarjura campaign did not respond to a request for comment on this issue)