The Selection Committee of Waterbury’s Independent Party today announced that Alderman Lawrence V. De Pillo has agreed to seek the party’s endorsement for election as Mayor of the City of Waterbury.

   The party’s caucus for endorsement of its slate of candidates in this November’s election will be held on Thursday, September 1ST @ 6:00 p.m. in the Community Room of the Thomaston Savings Bank, 985 Watertown Avenue.

   A lifelong resident of Waterbury, Alderman De Pillo is the son of Americo (deceased) and Rose De Pillo.  He is married to Frances (Fasanelli) De Pillo and has two children and four grandchildren.  The De Pillo’s grew-up in the Town Plot section of Waterbury and have made their home in the Bunker Hill area for nearly four decades.

   The Alderman graduated from Waterbury’s public schools and then attended Waterbury State Technical College.  Subsequently, he obtained two U.S. patents and for more than a decade has been a self-employed computer consultant.

   Alderman De Pillo’s political activities first began as the Democrat candidate for Comptroller in 1997.  His outspoken opposition to many of the policies and actions of the administration of Mayor Phillip Giordano led to his first campaign for Mayor in 1999.  In 2001, he was edged in a Democrat Party primary for Mayoral endorsement by Michael Jarjura by 14 votes.  In 2003 he assisted fellow citizens in establishing the Independent Party of Waterbury and in 2009 as the party’s candidate; he was elected to the Board of Aldermen.

   The committees, as well as, the citizens of Waterbury are greatly impressed by Alderman De Pillo’s service as an Alderman. He exposed and then helped curtail practices that paid tens of thousands of dollars to a select number of city employees unnecessarily.  His efforts as a member of the Retirement Board helped avoid a pay-out from the Retirement Fund of hundreds of thousands of dollars unearned by a claimant.  He attended board workshops and provided information and arguments to fellow Aldermen successfully rejecting a 10% increase in water rates this year.  This committee believes these and numerous other actions demonstrate that Alderman De Pillo is an effective advocate for the people of Waterbury.     

   Committee members reported that support for Alderman De Pillo’s candidacy for Mayor has been expressed by individuals enrolled in the Democrat, Republican and Independent Parties – many saying – “I like what he has accomplished as an Alderman, “but, just think what he would accomplish as our Mayor”.