The Selection Committee of the Waterbury Independent Party is pleased to announce that Cicero B. Booker Jr., who is currently serving his fourth term as an Alderman and elected Minority Leader of the Board of Aldermen, will seek the party’s endorsement on Saturday, August 27TH for reelection this November 8th.

   Alderman Booker is a lifelong resident of Waterbury, one of three children born to Cicero Sr. and Addie Booker. He is married to Margaret (Taylor) Booker and has five children, eleven grandchildren and one great grandson.   Alderman Booker graduated from local public schools; he attended Mattatuck Community College and earned an Associate in Police Science and Administration.  He served in the U.S. Marine Corps and is a retired Waterbury Police Lieutenant.

   In 2003 Alderman Booker was elected to the Board of Aldermen as an Independent and elected its Minority Leader in 2005.  Alderman Booker enjoys a broad base of support in Waterbury and throughout the State of CT and he has decided to continue to represent the peoples’ voice against political expedience.  One of several candidates being considered for Mayor this year, Alderman Booker conversed with friends, constituents and colleagues and found a common theme among them; they expressed their need for his continued leadership on the Board of Aldermen.

   It has been said that the Independent Party provides a clear choice in the Democratic process of government.  This year, the Democrats, for whatever reason, seemed to favor Neal O’Leary to head their ticket; the former head of the Democrat Ticket changed to Republican and is now the head of the Republican Ticket.  In Waterbury, it’s the political process and business as usual, however, a number of voters are not subscribing to the changes at the top of both the Democrat and Republican tickets.  A growing number of voters are looking to the Independents for real change and a new and clear direction for Waterbury.
   With that said Minority Leader Alderman Cicero B. Booker Jr. has demonstrated his dedication to the taxpayers of this great city and we look forward to Cicero B. Booker Jr. being endorsed by the Independent Caucus this Saturday and his reelection as an Independent member of the Board of Aldermen.