Waterbury resident Jim Russell helps extract an old shopping cart from the Naugatuck River Sunday morning during a joint clean-up between We Are Change and the Naugatuck River Revival Group. Photographs by John Murray

We Are Change is a organization with 25o chapters around the world, and the Waterbury chapter has 15 members committed to making a difference. One of the organization’s founding ideals was uttered by Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in this world.” We are Change is a peace and social justice movement working to change the political and economic systems and restore the country to the founding principles laid out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Kevin Zak, left, of the Naugatuck River Revival Group, helped Matthew Moulton of Wallingford remove an industrial hose from the Naugatuck River. 

Sondra Harman, left, of the Naugatuck River Revival Group, assists members of We Are Change in removing a bumper of a motorcycle from the Platts Mill section of the river Sunday morning. The others in the photograph, from left to right, are Pat Antonios of Waterbury, Jim Russell of Waterbury, and Matthew Moulton of Wallingford.

Jim Russell, right, and Pat Antonios use a crow bar and a shovel to pry an old tire from the bed of the Naugatuck River.

Antonios and Russell successfully removed a jagged oil drum from the river bottom.

Sondra Harman assisted Antonis and Russell in loading the barrel onto a kayak.

Chuck Glick and Sondra Harman of the Naugatuck River Revival Group float a kayak filled with debris a third of a mile upstream where it could be unloaded. If you are interested in organizing a clean-up contact Kevin Zak at 203-5307850, or e-mail him at shackletons27@yahoo.com