State Representative Selim Noujaim (R-74) joined Senator Richard Blumenthal, Congressman Chris Murphy, Waterbury Mayor Michael J. Jarjura and state and local officials August 12th for a press conference to lobby both the state and federal government for funding to complete the third phase of the Interstate 84 construction project that runs through Waterbury.

   “Anyone who has tried to get through Waterbury during the morning or afternoon rush understands how badly this project is needed,” Rep. Noujaim said. “This project will make our highway safer and alleviate congestion and I will continue to lobby on behalf of my constituents and the City of Waterbury until this project is complete.”

   Rep. Noujaim, who contacts the state DOT on a weekly basis to urge them to keep the project on the front burner, also continues to lobby for federal funding to complete the redevelopment of the I-84 corridor through Waterbury.