Press Conference Today!!!  WOW LEARNING CENTER
Location:   304 Walnut Street
                 Waterbury, Ct.
Time:         5:00 PM
Date:         Today 4 August 2011
Contact:    Jimmie Griffin, Convenor at 203-577-8084

Topic is –  “Racism in the Hiring Process of Watebury’s Board of Education and their                  selection of a school superintendent from out of district.

   “We in Waterbury’s African American Community are outraged by the hiring of a White woman over a more qualified Black Woman, for the position of Superintendent of Waterbury Schools and we want answers and a reversal of that decision at the final official vote on Monday night at their scheduled board meeting,” Jimmie Griffin said.

   Invited to participate are state and local NAACP officials, Black Clergy Association, Aldermanic and School Board Candidates and concerned residents. The meeting is being organized by the Waterbury Center of Economic and Social Justice under the direction of Jimmie Griffin and Students of Color.