The Morning Downtown Waterbury Writers’ Group is designed to be accessible to those who find it easy to get to the library on Mondays from 10 am to 11:30 am.  All types of writing are acceptable: from stories, poems, dreams, descriptions of things from daily life, to letters to the editor or businesses, or to go with a drawing or photograph.  Writing may be in English or not, and something new or from years ago on folded yellowed pages.

   Each writer who brings something to read has up to 6 minutes.  A writer may also ask a member of the group to read it for them if they want to just listen to hear how their work sounds.  Group members listen, ask questions or offer comments about what they heard.

   The group facilitator, Les Holcomb, will make sure that the session moves along, and on busy days, that those whose work can’t be read that day will go first the next time. 

   For those who attend most of the August sessions and are interested in producing a printed-out version or have enough materials (words, drawings or photographs) for a small  “chapbook”, the facilitator will try to arrange separate training somewhere nearby.

   At the first session, we’ll start out by discussing what materials for writing might be more useful and easy to carry.