(Editor’s note – the following is a message from State Senator Joe Markley to the citizens of Connecticut)

   Your help is needed to block the bus.

   On Thursday, August 11th, please let the state of Connecticut know that you don’t support the New Britain to Hartford Busway. Tell the D.O.T. that you want our tax dollars used to take care of our existing roads and bridges, not build an unnecessary busway.

   The state is holding a public hearing on the Busway at Central Ct. State University in the DiLoreto Multimedia Room on August 11th at 6:30pm. This is our chance to ask them the hard questions.

   • Why would we pay $1,000 per inch to build a 9.4 mile busway?

   • Why would they spend $600,000,000 of our money when there is already bus service from New Britain to Hartford?

   • If mass transit is the way to go, then why not rail service all the to Waterbury and beyond?
Rail is cheaper, faster and more efficient

   • If research shows that rail is what brings economic growth, then why do a busway?

   These questions could go on and on but we need your help to stop this.

   Please tell your neighbors, friends and families to attend August 11th at 6:30 and voice your concerns on this exhorbitant use of taxpayers money.

   Speak your mind!