State Representative Tony D’Amelio (R-71) said today he was disappointed after Governor Malloy vetoed a bill designed to boost the local economy and promote economic development near Oxford Airport.

   Citing concerns over the timing of the legislation, Governor Malloy said in a release that state reimbursements for lost tax revenue in Oxford, Middlebury and Southbury, and the creation of the Connecticut Airport Authority bill combined with the size of the development zone forced the veto.

   “The towns of Oxford and Middlebury, as well as the entire region, would have benefited from this legislation,” Rep. D’Amelio said.  “I understand the Governor’s concerns but we need to invest wisely if we expect to get our economy going and create jobs.  This investment would have gone a long way to help the airport and surrounding areas create good-paying, stable jobs.”

   The bill in question- H.B. 6529, An Act Promoting Economic Development in the Surrounding Area of Oxford Airport- passed the House of Representatives with a nearly unanimous vote and would have created an Oxford Airport Development Zone to foster new business development, add jobs and generate new municipal and state tax revenues.