The Mattatuck Unitarian Universalist Society, 122 South Pomperaug Avenue, Woodbury, CT will continue its summer series on Sunday, July 17, 2011 at 10:30 am. The talk will be on Shamanism. The speaker will be Jane Burns of Southbury. Burns is a shamanic practitioner and teacher who lives and practices in Southbury, CT.   “I consider my work a vocation–a way of living as well as a way of working.  I don’t think I chose a shamanic path so much as it chose me.  In 1996, after I was diagnosed with cancer, I felt guided to undertake a lengthy spiritual journey instead of going the usual chemo-radiation route.  I experienced the power of shamanism firsthand, and that is how my commitment to this inspired practice began,” said Burns. She will explore aspects of both Unitarian Universalism and Shamanism.

   “What do Unitarian Universalism and Shamanism have in common?  Are they mutually-inspired at the core?” she asks. “Certainly the idea that revelation is continuous and available to all is shared by both practices.  The celebration of the differences among individuals and the benefits that other viewpoints can bring to our understanding of the world is also common to each philosophy.  A reverence for nature and our duty to protect the earth is shared too. The goal of creating peace, harmony, love and understanding in the world through the integrity of our own personal choices and behavior is pursued by both those who practice shamanism and those who call themselves Unitarian Universalist,” said Burns. “My talk will elaborate on the contribution that shamanism has made to the world as we know it, and how it is an approachable and enduring healing and spiritual practice designed to make life less mysterious and more manageable. “

   A discussion will follow. The public is welcome.