Mad Bomber

   In 1957, a media frenzy over a series of bombings in New York City leads to a quiet street in Waterbury. “Mad Bomber” is a vibrant, riotous tale of two cities – set to music – of cops, politicians and tabloid reporters, and ultimately the triumph of hope and love (and justice) over a terrorist’s (George Metesky) master plan. Connecticut Magazine Editor and writer and Waterbury resident Charles Monagan,  and musical director/composer Richard DeRosa (Fold, Spindle and Mutilate; Aches and Pains), along with director Semina De Laurentis and choreographer Janine Molinari, join together to bring to life this exciting World Premiere on the Seven Angels stage. Book and Lyrics by Charles Monagan, Music by Richard DeRosa?

   The action in “Mad Bomber” takes place on two important days at the end of Metesky’s reign of terror, December 24, 1956 (Christmas Eve), the day the police and press decided to go after the Mad Bomber in a new and more aggressive way, and January 21, 1957, the day he was caught and arrested in Waterbury. The milieu of “Mad Bomber” is 1950s New York City and Waterbury. The characters are full of mid-century urban bluster and can-do spirit in the face of adversity. The action covers the final stages of the Mad Bomber’s violent trail as it cuts through the city and its people until a few lucky strokes, good police work and a clever reporter at last bring him to justice. It focuses on the thrilling sense of anxiety in the New York area, the media frenzy, the interaction among cops, politicians and reporters and the Mad Bomber’s increasing desperation and delusional self-importance. It also prominently features two young tabloid reporters who meet, fall in love and nearly fall victim to the bomber.

   The themes in the play are not unfamiliar to us today: A zealot who believes bombs and terror will bring justice and a better world; a news media that’s only too willing to play up violence and fear in order to sell its products; a large, faceless corporation that treats its employees with indifference. But the overriding theme is the good humor and resiliency of ordinary people as they deal with extraordinary circumstances, and the enduring power of love in the face of violence and hatred. A play not to be missed.

   Tickets are $29-$50 and $10 for students 21 and under with ID, are on sale now. Call 203-757-4676, online at, or at the box office. Special food and drink nights are available including; Wine and Martini Night, Fascia’s Chocolate Night, Sweet Maria’s Night, Sundaes on Sunday and a special Post Show Cast Party on opening night, Saturday, June 4. Matinees are also available. Go to the Seven Angels Theatre website for details. Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury will present MAD BOMBER June 2-26 as part of their 20th Anniversary Season. Seven Angels Theatre is located on Plank Road in Waterbury. Minutes off I-84 with plenty of free parking.