State Representatives David Labriola (R-131), Arthur O’Neill (R-69) and Anthony D’Amelio (R-71) today applauded their colleagues in the legislature for passing a bill to promote economic development near Oxford Airport.

   Late Wednesday the legislature approved H.B. 6529, An Act Promoting Economic Development in the Surrounding Area of Oxford Airport by a vote of 145 to 1.

   The bill will create an Oxford Airport Development Zone to foster new business development, add jobs and generate new municipal and state tax revenues.

   “Investing in our local economy benefits the region and the entire state,” Rep. O’Neill said. “Creating an enterprise zone around Oxford Airport will attract new businesses and will greatly increase the opportunities for job growth in our community.”

   “This is tremendous news for the people of Oxford and the surrounding area,” Rep. Labriola said. “This legislation creates an engine for economic growth and will allow the airport and the entire region to reach its full potential.”

   Rep. D’Amelio agreed, adding “Oxford and Middlebury will directly benefit from this legislation as investment in the airport will boost the economy by bringing in a high-tech, specialized workforce along with new businesses. This is great news not only for the airport itself, but also the manufacturers and businesses that already serve the airport.”

   The bill will now move to the Senate.

Rep. O’Neill represents the 69th district of Southbury.
Rep. Labriola represents the 131st district of Naugatuck, Oxford, and Southbury.
Rep. D’Amelio represents the 71st district of Waterbury and Middlebury.