Old Time Political Nonsense

J. Paul Vance Jr.

   Waterbury mayoral candidate and former four-term President of the Waterbury Board of Alderman, J. Paul Vance, Jr., commented today on Mayor Michael J. Jarjura’s defection from the Democrat to the Republican parties.

   “I am disappointed but not surprised that Mike left the Democratic party.  Mike’s cross endorsement by both the Republican and Democratic parties in the 2009 election was the result of a backroom deal by some of the same folks that are now angry that Mike chooses to run again in 2011.   I find it offensive that a small group of people still think that they can act on behalf of the thousands of Waterbury voters.  I have heard again and again about a secret agreement between two candidates and wonder, who are these people that they believe that they have the right to decide who should be mayor based on their handshake deals?  It is this type of old time political nonsense that has almost brought this once great City to its knees several times,” said J. Paul Vance, Jr.  “We cannot afford more of the same old political horse-trading, it is time for some new energy and ideas in City Hall.”

   “I stepped forward as a candidate in 2001 and now because Waterbury needs someone with both the ability and the creativity to move past the problems of the past and to lead Waterbury into the future.  Let’s stop talking about the past and let’s begin planning the future.”

   “As mayor, I will make immediate changes that will help our overburdened taxpayers.  First and foremost, I would restructure both the Legal department and the Water Department so that we can both save taxpayer dollars and provide more efficient services.  Second, I will fund with spending cuts, an ongoing project to demolish blighted buildings throughout the City.  Our blight problem needs to have a more focused approach that did not exist under the current administration.  Third, I will work with our development agencies to create an incubator program that will provide seed money for start-up businesses.  I want Waterbury to become a place where creative, hard-working entrepreneurs go to create businesses and jobs.”

   J. Paul Vance, Jr. is a lifelong resident of Waterbury. Serving as the President of Waterbury’s Board of Aldermen for eight years, Vance is known as a fighter for the middle class and a man of principle who has brought common sense and hard work to Waterbury’s government.  Paul attended St. Peter and Paul’s School and Holy Cross High School, and he received his bachelor’s degree from Villanova University, his law degree from Seton Hall University and a  Masters in Public Administration from Columbia University.  He currently resides in the West End of Waterbury with his wife Michelle, son Trey and dog Coco.