Carole Peck’s


By John Murray

   In celebration of National Hamburger Month the Observer cruised over to Woodbury, CT, to check out the steamed hamburger at Zeeburger, the new restaurant opened by famed chef, Carole Peck.

  Peck has owned and operated Carole Peck’s Good News Cafe in Woodbury for years, and has already made a splash with Zeeburger.

   We were anxious to see what the fuss was about, and how much everything cost.

   The 1/4 pound burger was steamed, not fried or broiled, and came with lettuce, tomato, Carole’s ketchup and mayo, and an asian pickle. Grilled onions were an additional .15 cents, and the total for the burger was $6.65.

   The grass-fed farm beef burst with flavor and literally fell apart in your mouth. Not your typical hamburger experience. The bun was was nothing special, and that too broke apart, unfortuneately it fell apart in my hands as the memorable Zeeburger splintered into many pieces. And that’s not a bad thing. Hamburgers are meant to be in your hands, and fingers are essential for plucking the last crumbs from the dish. With Zeeburger you use more fingers than hand. The quality is obvious, the taste superb.

   Additional Zeeburger offers salmon burgers, a veggie shroom stack, falafels, handcut french fries and sweet potato fries and hotdogs made from Kobe beef (those are $6)..

   The restaurant is located at the former location of Sandwich Construction Company at 670 Main St. South in Woodbury. A current menu from Zeeburger’s website is at the bottom of this story.


A rare quiet moment in Zeeburger, which sold out of food on its opening day.

A malted milkshake made from Arethusa Farm Dairy ice cream, was rich, decadent, and expenive. The milk shakes cost the same as a Zeeburger, $6.50

The steamed burger crumbled together with superb ingredients.