The Observer’s new website is different than most newspapers on the internet. Instead of cramming fifty stories and tiny thumb nail photographs on the home page, we’ve decided to publish large, bold photographs to accompany in-depth feature articles. We debut with more than 100 articles and columns, with the promise of hundreds more to come.

   Learning to navigate the site will take a few minutes of exploration. To view feature articles scroll down the home page. The material has also been divided by content to make browsing the site quicker. If you are interested in politics, go to the menu bar on top and click on politics. It will bring you to an area on the site that will house our political stories and columns.

   If you get lost on the website, click onto the Home link in the upper left hand column and it will bring you back to where you started.

   Our new interactive site will allow us to share information in a more timely manner than our once a month newspaper has allowed. We can post press releases and event information on a daily basis, and will be able to respond to breaking news critically important to the community.

   The site can be translated into 40 different languages with a click of a mouse, making the Observer accessible to the diverse population in Waterbury, and accessible to much of the world.

   What is posted now is only a fraction of the material we will be uploading in the weeks and months to come. In the near future visitors to the site will also be able to purchase photographs from the Observer.

   We are proud of our new project and look forward to hearing from visitors how we can make the website better as we move forward into the future. Enjoy.