From Russia To Waterbury

By John Murray

78-year-old Mark Losyev enjoyed a beautiful Spring afternoon on the Green in downtown Waterbury.

   Mark Losyev spent the first 68 years of his life in the Soviet Union, most of it working as a geologist high in the mountains near the Pakistan border. His oldest son moved to Waterbury 11 years ago for work, and a year later Mark and his wife followed.

When the Observer approached him, Mark was reading a book on 1930 Russian history, in Russian.

   “Russia, some good place,” he said. “ I like mountains, woods, water. Moscow beautiful.”
Mark was shy about speaking to the Observer at first, but after a friendly minute or two conversation he agreed to talk about why he lives in Waterbury, and what he likes about it.

“In our country cannot say what I think,” he said. “When Breshnev and Khrushev I can’t say I don’t like it. Here, very friendly for me. Here I see myself better.”

 Mark lost his wife five years ago and spends a lot of time now walking, reading or being alone. Mark said he walks 3-5 miles a day, everyday. He said, “Walk, I live. Sit, I die.”