Welcome to The Waterbury Observer, an independent newspaper taking an in-depth look at the people, issues and events in the Brass City, and beyond. The Observer is published every month in a format that allows us to photograph and write feature stories that look and read like magazine journalism. The Observer has no political agenda and does not endorse political candidates. Our goal is to bring information to our readers that is unfiltered and unlayered, information needed to cast an informed vote. The Observer jams a flashlight into the shadows of Waterbury to illuminate people and issues often overlooked by the local mainstream media; AIDS, homelessness, battered women, Hispanics, Blacks and Democrats. The Observer also publishes in-depth travel articles that explore issues and events across the globe. Whether it’s a feature story about the power structure of Waterbury, buried Mayan ruins in Guatemala, or a visit with the Dalai Lama, the Observer attempts to give voice to the voiceless, and is unlike anything ever published in Waterbury.