An Independent Voice In The Brass City

   The Waterbury Observer is an award winning quarterly news magazine focused on issues and events in Greater Waterbury. The Observer is independent , micro-local, and has vigorously covered Waterbury, Connecticut, for the past 25 years. The Observer has circulation of 10,000 and is a free publication distributed at over 350 locations in Waterbury, Watertown, Wolcott, Naugatuck, Prospect, Middlebury, Morris, Thomaston & Litchfield.


   Why advertise?

   Most businesses advertise to reach new customers. The greater Waterbury market is changing constantly. New families in the area mean new customers to reach. Advertising gives you a long-term advantage over competitors who cut back or cancel advertising. A five year survey of more than 3,000 companies found advertisers who maintain or expand advertising over a five year period see their sales increase. Companies which cut advertising had their sales decreases.


  How do I advertise in the Waterbury Observer?

   There are two types of clients that the Observer deals with on a regular basis;

   1. The corporate client who produces their own digital ad and e-mails it directly to the Observer. In general these clients know what they want, and when they want it. The biggest question is cost, which can be easily answered by checking out the 2017 Observer Rate Card.

   2. The small business owner who knows that he/she wants to market their business, but they are unsure about size, frequency and cost. These clients will need some professional help navigating through the process, and the Observer team has more than 40 years of experience to help make the journey smoother. The Observer is happy to accept fully produced ads, but the majority of the ads in each issue are conceptualized and produced by the Observer. We will help you with photographs and design that  will help your business attract new customers.

How much does an ad cost in the Waterbury Observer?

   The cost of an ad depends on the size of the ad and the frequency in which it is placed in the Observer. Sizes range from a one column by one inch ad for $16, all the way up to a full page color ad for $875, with many sizes and costs in between. There are frequency and pre-payment discounts that can amount to a 20% savings.

What is the deadline for placing an ad?

   We need the space reservation by the last day of the month. To place your ad in the April issue of the Observer you must have made a space reservation by the last day in March. For May, the reservation must be placed by April 30th, and so on…

Contact us at  or call Maureen Griffin 1-860-459-8637




Advertising Rates

These are the Observer’s print advertising rates. There are opportunities to market on our website,, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Call for more information.





Frequency Discounts

  • 5% for all four print issues

Prepayment Discounts

There is an additional 5% discount if you prepay for the year up front. 

Nonprofit Discount

There is a 10% discount for nonprofit organizations. (Cannot not be applied with other discounts)


Ad Specifications

Column Measurements

  • 1 column width 17/8″
  • 2 column witdh 37/8″
  • 3 column width 57/8″
  • 4 column width 77/8″
  • 5 column width 10″


  • Winter (Annual City Guide) January 15th
  • Spring (Best of Waterbury Reader’s Survey) April 1st
  • Summer (Best of Waterbury) June 15th
  • Autumn (Dining Guide & local elections) October 1st


In the past 25 years the Observer has won numerous awards from the New England Press Association and from the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists for feature stories, photography, columns and investigative journalism.

In 2007, Observer publisher John Murray was featured on NBC Dateline for his coverage of a controversial rape case that occurred in Waterbury in 1993. Murray’s coverage helped trigger a two hour NBC special that aired in April 2007 highlighting Donna Palomba’s courageous battle against sexual assault, police corruption and media insensitivity.

In addition, Murray’s coverage of the bizarre disappearance of Billy Smolinski was honored as one of the top investigative stories in New England, and he was awarded top honors by the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists for in-depth reporting and feature writing.


Fast Facts

  • The Waterbury Observer is a quarterly community newspaper
  • 70% of Observer readers read every issue cover to cover
  • 67% of our readers are in the 18 – 49 year old age group
  • 66% of Observer readers are home owners
  • 65% of our readers are women and 35% are men
  • 49% of our readers attended college
  • We distribute 10,000 copies at over 350 locations throughout Greater Waterbury

– Results based on Annual Reader’s Survey